2023 : First unit operational

Discussions with strategic investors are expected to be finalised in Q3'20 

We invite you to work with us to increase availability and use of Renewable Methanol as a clean and sustainable fuel which brings benefits to all stakeholders in Society


The Advanced Biofuel market will develop fast with mandatory targets. Product availability is expected to be (far) below targets which can drive prices upwards. The direction of  policies in the EC & the UK has become more clear reducing 'policy risks'. Investments will meet high financial criteria.


Waste sector

EC Policies will discourage incinerators. An incinerator's income generally depends for more than 80% on the gate or tipping fee. The dependancy on gate fee is much lower for a biofuel plant with much higher product value. Participation in a biofuel project can bring significant advantages for the waste sector since the material can be valued as a feedstock.

Biofuel sector

Ethanol producer can consider to offer mixes of ethanol and methanol (as advanced biofuel) to petrol blenders as a premix. This will allow blenders to meet their targets for advanced biofuels while the ethanol producer will create competative edge for its own ethanol. Participation in an Advanced Biofuel project can strengthen the ethanol core business


Methanex published good results for see going vessels. We invite stakeholders (engine manufacturers, shipbuilders, etc.) to work towards a demonstration with an inland barge in 2020 for the Dutch-German routes.


Government bodies can be vital in stimulating production and use of advanced biofuels. The Port of Antwerp is examining use of renewable methanol for its own fleet which brings interest and trust. Government bodies are invited to develop simular initiatives.

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