Renewable Methanol can provide an excellent Business Case for the Energy Transition

Renewable methanol combines ambitions for a circular economy, better use of waste material and  requirements for cleaner air. 


Renewable methanol can be used for transport fuels or in maritime applications and as a renewable chemical feedstock. Ships will need liquid fuels for still a long period because only liquid fuels provide enough energy density compared to batteries. Methanol also brings relative ease of conversion of engines compared to LNG, simpler on-site storage systems and an existing distribution infrastructure is already in place. 


Renewable methanol is chemically identical to fossil based methanol with one, internationally accepted specification (IMPCA). The existing infrastructure can be used for distribution using certificates approved by  independent auditors ensuring the methanol has been produced from approved feedstocks and with low green house gas emissions.


On mid-term, production of methanol can be considered from the large quantities of renewables that are projected for NW Europe and other area's.