Renewable Methanol can combine the needs for more sustainable fuels and improved air quality via use as an Advanced Biofuel

Availability of Wastes

The availability of biomass wastes is high and this material is now incinerated or still landfilled. Availability in modern societies are around 100 kg per year per person which makes wastes an abundant resources for methanol production

More Value from Waste

The value of the renewable methanol is much higher when compared to the value created by an incinerator using comparable feedstocks.  

Improved Air Quality 

Methanol as fuel will reduce:

  •  SOx > 99%
  •  Particulate > 95%
  •  NOx > 60 %

Advantages over LNG:

  •  No methane slip
  •  Low cost infra-     structure

Use of renewables 

Low priced power can be used to produce hydrogen and oxygen and this can be combined with the production process. Methanol can then serve to use or store excess power ('Liquid battery').